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Laser Dentistry – The Future of Dental treatment

At Cosmetic Smile Studio, we have invested in the latest and most advanced dental lasers to provide you with superior dental care. Being one of the few progressive dental practices in the UK to own and be fully trained in their use, we can offer treatment options and results that other practices simply cannot.

The advantages of dental lasers are:

  • Superior healing of soft tissues such as gums and skin with minimal or no bleeding, swelling and significantly reduced pain after the procedure
  • Predicatable cosmetic surgery treatments such as gum reshaping, skin tag and mole removal and super results in skin anti-ageing treatments
  • Lasers kill bacteria and resolve active infections effectively without the need for medications such as antibiotics
  • Lasers speed up the healing process and aid in pain releif for many conditions, especially when combined with our advanced techniques such as use of PRGF Endoret plasma.

There are a wide range of applications that lasers can be used to improve the results. Why not come in and talk to us about how they can be beneficial to you?

We are accredited Associate members of the World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI)