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PRGF Plasma

Plasma treatments utilise your body’s own repair and regenerative processes.

Cells in our blood stream are activated when we need to heal ourselves, such as when we cut or graze our skin.

This process involves activation of certain proteins , ‘growth factors’, that ‘turn on’ the healing cells, whether they are in bone, soft tissue or skin.
By obtaining these growth factors in a super concentrated form, we can effectively supercharge the repair processes. These growth factors as present in our blood stream, so we obtain them by taking blood (as you would when you have a blood test carried out), separating out the blood cells from the plasma (that contains the growth factors) and then activating the plasma to stimulate the growth factor activity.

The activated plasma is then either injected back into you, either to speed up and enhance surgical healing eg dental implants and bone grafting, or into the skins as part of a cosmetic regenerative procedure.

The growth factors:
• Increase blood supply
• Speed up Cell repair
• Reduce inflammation, swelling and pain
• Increase hydration and improve structure eg skin collagen formation
• Have a bacteriostatic effect

PRGF is an excellent addition to dental and general surgery as well as ant-ageing cosmetic applications. Please ask about this cutting edge treatment at your next consultation.