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Teeth Whitening

Whiter, brighter teeth for that ‘dazzling’ smile you’ve always had or always wanted can now be yours in just under an hour.

An in surgery treatment that is comfortable and has excellent results!

The Procedure

  • Upper and lower moulds of the teeth taken to make sealed custom whitening trays
  • A shade and photograph are taken
  • 15th day appointment in-surgery for power whitening session
  • The lips, tongue and cheeks are retracted to improve access using a comfortable all in one retractor
  • Your trays are filled with power gel and placed over your teeth for 20 minutes
  • A special intense light or laser is shone onto the gel to accelerate the process
    A supply of Zoom! gel for home use for 14 days
    At the end… have your dazzling new smile!

To maintain the effect and to further improve and stabilise the colour, you can purchase a maintenance kit, to use every other month.

The change in colour varies from person to person and also is dependent on factors such as:

  • The cause of the discoloration
  • diet and habits such as smoking, coffee, red wine etc
  • age
  • oral hygieneBefore any bleaching procedure can be undertaken, you must have a check-up to ensure good levels of gum health and oral hygiene and that there are no cavities, leaking/damaged fillings or crowns and that any teeth to be bleached do not contain silver (amalgam) fillings. This work must be done prior to the bleaching procedure otherwise complications will occur such as pain and further severe discoloration

For those of us who like to spend the time with our appearance, then the alternative HOME WHITENING may be for you. The whitening process is similar but without an in-surgery stage. You apply the whitening gel at home, normally twice a day for 1 hour at time, every day for approximately 6-8 weeks. Some people who may have quite dark or intense discoloration, may require a longer period of treatment and the treatment plan can be suitably adapted to individual needs.

In both cases, before any whitening procedure can be carried out, a full examination is required to ensure your suitability for the treatment.